New Hemp Want ADs Page

— Written By Emily Febles

Do you have an industrial hemp product or service that you wish growers knew about? Are you looking to get the word out to industrial hemp growers in North Carolina about what your business can offer? Consider adding your contact information to the new Hemp Connections page!

In an effort to assist in the creation and promotion of the hemp industry in North Carolina, the NC State Extension Industrial Hemp website will host a Hemp Connections page in order to help connect members of the hemp industry in North Carolina.

In order for your information to be added to the Hemp Connections page, it should meet the following requirements:

  • Be less than two sentences long or fewer than 150 characters
  • Provide a basic description of what connection you’d like to make
  • Include an email or website link
  • Be relevant to the hemp industry in North Carolina
  • Be a product or service needed for hemp growing, not a general sales advertisement

To have your Hemp Connection listed on the page, please email

New connections will be posted frequently, but at least once per month, so check the page regularly for new connections!

*The Hemp Connections page is posted for your information and research purposes. Neither NC State Extension, the NC Industrial Hemp Commission, nor N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) endorses or recommends any product, service, individual, business or other entity.

** All “Hemp Connections” are posted at the discretion of NC State University. “Hemp Connections” requests may be denied or removed at any time for any reason.

Email the NC Industrial Hemp Program at: