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1/17/19 – 200+ pounds of high CBD seed from Colorado, testing at 12-19%, COA’s on hand. Email

1/17/19 – Looking to partner with or purchase from a NC Hemp Farmer to start a CBD Hemp Flower brand. Must have full COA’s. Text/Call: 704-819-9514 or email:

1/17/19 – Hemp genetics company, bringing years of experience. Here to help bring NC to the forefront. Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd. 970-631-7501

1/14/19 – Approx. 500,000 lbs of CBD biomass testing at 12.27% CBD & .38% THC for sale with COA on hand call 616-537-8192 or email

1/14/19 – If you are currently participating in the NC Hemp Pilot Program, or are interested in growing hemp, please go to and submit a form through our Ag Portal.

1/14/19 – 2nd Chance Transplants in Clinton NC is taking orders for the 2019 season. We offer a many varieties of female clones with no order too small or large. 910-590-8471.

1/14/19 – Experienced grower looking for licensed NC farmer to partner with. We have clones ready for the 2019 season and product buyer. or text/call 919-740-1889

1/13/19 – Farm fresh full spectrum Orange Cty 10% CBD hemp for sale from licensed farm and processor. Dried cured and trimmed floral material with COA. Pre orders for 2019

1/11/19 -Specializing in high end soils and amendments, prop supplies, fertilizers…! 20 yrs exp growing and consulting. or

1/11/19 – Electrical and HVAC licensed contractors and consultants available to help you set up your grows to industry standards. Do NOT reinvent the wheel. Keith Olson (530) 208-6862

1/9/19 – Approximately 700 lbs of 6% CBD biomass for sale. COA’s included. Contact Richard at 910 596 8799. Stalk and stems also available if interested.

1/8/19 – Soil Balance Pro has 62 unique microbe strains proven to increase CBD+CBDa concentrations levels in hemp. 866-390-2908.

1/7/19 – Hemp processor seeking licensed farms w/ processing space/acres to grow high CBD hemp. 3 yr expert. Consulting in seed to extract. Drew 541-799-8358

1/7/19 – Buying wholesale looking for products from NC farmers. We need full spectrum finished products. Require COAS and CBD/THC ratio. 336-624-0545

1/5/19 – Regular and feminized seed. 100 seeds to 1,000,000. NC approved.
Call Thomas 828.380.1702

1/3/19 – Greenhouse facility providing high quality clones. Production assistance, too. Aaron Minnich (910) 590-8471

1/3/19 – Reserve high quality CBD-rich clones. First come, first serve for NC-based clones. Secure delivery date now. Call or text Keith, East Coast Hemp Supply 910-237-1331 (Dunn, NC)

1/3/19 – We have 50 acres in Cabarrus County (near Charlotte), and looking for consultants and assistance to get our Hemp grow off the ground for 2019.

1/3/19 – Multi-state consultation team CO,CA,NC,NE,KY. American Cannabis Consulting  on high tunnel greenhouses; processing. Anthony Pepper. 530.327.4069

1/2/19 – Selling highest grade CBD hemp flower lbs. Flowers are hand trimmed and accompanied by complete sets of COAS. or call (828)772-4849.

1/2/19 – Looking for a farmer that has a “Bucking Machine” that I can rent or come try product on. Would like to see it work before making big purchase. Steve at 828-226-3257

1/2/19 – Hemp retail store looking for products from NC farmers. Looking for finished products, e.g. CBD oil, hemp seeds, or any finished product.

1/2/19 – Buying wholesale full spectrum CBD Oil from NC hemp farm. Require ‘full profile’ COA: CBDs, THC, ratio, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, terpenes.

1/2/19 – Willing to distribute local hemp product for commission Contact: 252-814-8140

12/18/18 – Selling highest grade CBD Hemp flower lbs. Flower hand trimmed and accompanied by complete sets of COAS. or call (828)772-4849.

12/13/18 – Offering purchase opportunities for high quality CBD hemp flower. Able to purchase and transport large quantities (no max lbs.)  Contact for more details.

12/7/18 – Looking for high CBD shake and trimmings. Call, text, or email Jacob 704-793-8597

12/6/18 – US Hemp Roundtable provides news and updates on hemp legislation and laws around the country, including updates on the new Farm Bill. Please visit

12/6/18 – Cannetics We supply high quality, certified USDA organic seeds, transplants and clones for industrial hemp production. Eric McClam at 803-543-7007

12/5/18 – Processor looking for high CBD hemp flowers to buy. Must have state COA that passes. Brad 828-423-5175

12/3/18 – Quality Assurance Documentation Specialist 14+ Years Experience – Provide detailed documentation services for process consistency. Email

11/28/18 – Biobee: Beneficial Insect Supplier. In field consulting and crop protection specialist. Email

11/28/18 – Keith Olson (530) 208-6862. I am an Extractor and Distiller networking/working in NC hemp program. I would love to help. In Raleigh now from Flint, Michigan. Google me…

11/28/18 – Orange County. Outdoor grown, full spectrum, organic hemp. 10% CBD. Trimmed, cured and dried.

11/20/18 – NC startup, Blue Mountain Oils, looking to partner with NC hemp farmers for immediate and future crop purchases. 12%+ CBD desirable.

11/19/18 – Western North Carolina grower selling quality CBD flower (Special Sauce: 19.1%) and (Sour Space Candy: 18%)  Please contact at 404-273-6544 if you are interested.

11/5/18 – I’ve got land and 4 greenhouses in central Chatham county, NC. Looking for investors or partners. Any connections welcomed. S. Sknee (919)200-3879 text or call anytime.

10/31/18 – MightyGrow Organics offers mineral rich, biologically active, organic fertilizers and natural soil mineralizers.  251-827-6668 –

10/29/18 – Eastern NC grower with 5000# +of boax flower. 10%+ cbd. Text 2525781991 or email

10/29/18 – Renting Twister T4 trimming machines that can process 10-14lb of dry hemp/hr $250/day. Questions? 336-708-9074;

10/25/18 – NC grown Hemp Seeds and Cuttings for high CBD productions from strains such as Cherrywine, BaOx, Otto II, T1, C4, and many more. 828-380-1702

10/22/18 – MarCo Manufacturing Company: Powell model 6031 industrial hemp harvester. Seeon website under “Hemp Harvester”. Tom Pharr @ 843-479-3377.

10/22/18 – Small batch crafted compost-based potting soils in WNC. Wholesale. Custom soil blending. Adam 828-774-9292

10/22/18 – Horizon Hemp and Agriculture LLC in Southside VA is offering high quality starter plugs for the 2019 season. Jeff 434-374-1178

10/22/18 – EXTRACTION SERVICES: high quality extraction in NC & Maine. We can extract your raw hemp flower for 25 USD per pound. Contact:

10/15/18 – I have a 1500 sqft building with about two acres to grow on. Seeking a farmer to partner with. I could start clones and have ready for the 2019 season 336-671-5143

10/11/18 – NC HWY 58 S Elm City land to build a greenhouse and grow hemp on a 1.76 acre parcel. We’ll only lease to a hemp grower. Serious inquires only email: for more info.

10/11/18 – Johnston Cty: We own 20 acres of cropland in Smithfield: looking for a hemp grower to farm it in 2019. We have a hemp license. 704.777.5061

10/4/18 – Local contract for hemp flower, top $$$. Contact Bert James 252-341-3966,

9/26/18 – Licensed Johnston County grower with hemp flower and biomass available for purchase. 5000+ lbs. Contact for details.

9/25/18  – Company interested in purchasing good quality, high CBD hemp flowers and upper plant material: Top dollar. Please contact Manny Aparicio at or 253.493.6721

9/25/18 – We own roughly 13 acres in Littleton NC and are interested in growing hemp on 5-7 acres. Looking for information on license, equipment needed. 806-471-1466 or

9/24/18 – We have an industrial trimmer for your hemp flower. Costing as little as $20-30/lb more cost and time effective than hand trimming. Contact Louis at 336-708-9074 for info.

9/21/18 – Asheville Hydroponics and Organics is your full-service hemp-growing supplier. 44 Buck Shoals Rd, Arden, NC 28704. (828)676-2111 ASHEVILLEHYDRO.COM

9/20/18 – We are looking to buy raw hemp seed in NC for our hemp heart/oil/protein production in 2019. Please contact for details.

9/20/18 – We are a Carolina based hemp processing company interested in purchasing quality, High CBD hemp flowers and upper leafs. Contact for details: 864-356-0230.

9/20/18 – Organic farm & supply company in SW VA providing organic nutrients, biological pest & disease controls – 800-540-9181

9/10/18 – We own 13.6 acres in Spring Hope NC and are interested in growing hemp on 5-7 acres. Please call 765 720 0073 or email

9/5/18 – IOTO USA seeks to purchase Hemp by-products including stalks, stems and hemp leaf. Please call (252) 864-7972 or email

9/4/18 – Pitt County. We have 36 acres of cropland between Greenville and Bethel; looking for a hemp grower to farm it in 2019. E-mail

8/29/18 – BioWorks provides growers biologically-based disease and insect control products – as well as plant nutrition products.

8/27/18 – DoDa mill is the only company in the US that has processed, degummed, spun and knitted light weight hemp blend fabrics. Looking for collaborators. Call 502-542-5279.

8/24/18 – DoDa mill is the only company in the US that has processed, degummed, spun and knitted light weight hemp blend fabrics. Looking for collaborators. Call 502-542-5279.

8/22/18 – Delta Leaf Labs is a hemp genetics company offering DNA sex testing, CBDA/THCA genetic testing, and microbial DNA screening at competitive prices.

8/22/18 – Processing raw – refined CBD oils. CO2 sub to super critical methods as well as ethanol extraction. In Asheville area. John J2 Extractions 828-424-5096

8/21/18 – Hemp Dispensary in Chattanooga, TN looking to buy current or last season, trimmed or untrimmed hemp. Please contact us at

8/8/18 – Cropbox is a company located in Clinton, NC that designs and installs hydroponic systems for commercial food growers. Website:

8/8/18 – Sunrise worm castings under new management, two NC State alumni offering vermicompost in bulk. Follow us on instagram @hempgeneration or go to

7/27/18 – Looking for someone to recommend and install grow lights in a 20,000 sq.ft greenhouse in Cove City, NC. Email Michael at

7/23/18 – Small processing company in Winston Salem seeking N.C. grown hemp varieties in small amounts (10-30 lbs increments) Sam Brown at 336-918-0122 or

7/23/18 – Renaissance Fiber seeks hemp for fiber, as whole stalk or decorticated. Please see for contact, or e-mail

7/2/18 – Bio800+ is organic compost tea with >800 living beneficial microbes + soil amendments & micronutrients. David Underwood 704-792-6800

6/21/18 – AceApe CBD dispensary in the RDU carries top brands for sale, but we want local CBD too! If you are an NC-based CBD company, contact us!

6/21/18 – PhenoXpress – a cannabis & hemp genetic testing co with services for sex testing, CBDA/THCA genetic testing & powdery mildew screening (617) 270-2061

6/11/18 – 4000+ hemp seedling & clone plants for sale with COA. Would like to sell these plants ASAP. Dave @ 910-494-1444 or Price negotiable.

6/4/18 – NC State PhD textile graduate seeking NC hemp growers & processors for small batch/ prototyping of a textile product requiring a roving fiber.  919-740-7063

6/4/18 – Guilford County- We are looking for an experienced farmer
who has hemp growing knowledge and equipment to partner with us growing hemp in 2019. Email to

6/4/18 – Contact If you have a product or service of value to our company Also provide wholesale and white label products. 704-277-7399

5/22/18 – Circle Energy offers hemp seed milling equipment. Eric Hamilton 608-574-7449, instagram@iamcircleenergy

5/21/18 – Hempleton is now representing a large-scale buyer who will purchase your 2018 hemp flower harvest at top dollar. Summer at (910) 769-3385 or .

5/2/18 – CharGrow makes concentrated organic probiotics to be mixed with potting soils or applied prior to seeding and transplanting.

5/1/18 – Assisting hemp farmers in sourcing organic ag products, hydroponics, lighting, Luis Guerra

5/1/18 – NCIHPP compliance, potency HOT TESTING w/THC/CBD profiles. Same day written results and we come onsite to you. or call 704-659-3822.

4/25/18 – Xtreme Gardening is the standard in beneficial microbes.

4/9/18 – Emerald Risk Solutions provides specific and tailored captive insurance for hemp related businesses.

4/9/18 – offers custom graphics like No Trespassing – Research Farm signs for hemp growers.Contact Dave Palmer, or call/text 919-696-7019

3/29/18 – HempLogic has a mobile fiber decorticator. Can process on-farm for fiber. (

3/27/18 – Sunstrand (KY) seekng hemp growers for fiber production in Scotland, Robeson, Columbus, Brunswick, Hoke, Cumberland, Bladen, Pender counties. (

3/26/18 – Avazyme (Durham, NC) independent Cannabis & hemp derived products testing (THC, CBD, 10 cannabinoids profile, terpenes, pesticides, etc.) (

3/20/18 – US Hemp Roundtable seeking advocates to develop national standards, best practices & self-regulation for hemp growers, processors and sellers.

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