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NC State Extension

Recently Approved Applications


Your application requires processing and vetting by the NCDA&CS. Due to the large number of applications in the winter/spring, you should plan on submitting samples at least six weeks prior to planned Industrial Hemp Commission meetings. Your application will be voted on at the Commission meeting immediately following it being processed by NCDA&CS. If you turn-in your application only a few days to a week before a Commission meeting, it will not be reviewed at that meeting.

  Per state law, the Industrial Hemp Commission must vote to approve all applications for industrial hemp licenses.

Access to the conference call can be made at or by calling 1-929-205-6099 (U.S. toll) or 1-669-900-6833 (U.S. toll). The meeting ID is 502-329-222. Participants will be prompted to enter their name and email address to enter the meeting via the website or prompted for a unique participant ID for the call. They should press # to access the call.

ALL Applications voted on at the last Commission meeting (June 7) were approved. If your name is not listed below, all parts of your application were not received in time to get vetted by NCDA&CS.

Edward Lee Johnson
Samuel Tyler Johnson
Kenneth Harold Foley
George D. Bell
Ronald Lee Simmons
Presley Justin Caudill
Patrick Boddie Edwards
Adam James Steele
Jessica Boyer
Michael Bruce Gray
Natalie Harvey-Fonvil
Jody Ernest Clemmons
Donna Case Heron
Nancy Diane Long
Curtiss Patrick Martin
Mark Alan Bumgarner
Justin Tyler Bingham
John Michael Pridgen
Frank Donald Caudle
Seth R. Williams
Sandy Maurice Alston
L. Karl Deford
Thomas Reggie Ragsdale
Rebecca Rose Burkhead
Robert Dowe Edwards
Trina Holmes Carter
Zachary Paul Smith
Herman Richard Barrow
Barry Sheldon Bohrer
Jeffrey Keith Rector
Sarah Ann Hankerson
Ollie Lee Bowling
Brent Alan Riggs
Kristen Marie Sheckelhoff
Michael Lynn Gay
Willie Earl Tart
Charles Martin Tart Jr.
Glenn Robert Morris
Conrad Daniel Orth
James Thomas Vinson Jr.
Brenden Alexander Powell
Wilbert Harvey Roberts
Michale Edward Buffaloe
Gregory Wesley Dooley
Ronald Edward Waters

If the Industrial Hemp Commission votes ‘yes’ to approve your application, you must pay all licensing fees before you will receive your license.


If you were approved for a license, an invoice will be mailed to you. Expect to receive the invoice at the mailing address listed on your application within 10-12 business days. You must pay all fees and return the invoice to receive your license. Your license will be mailed to you at the address listed on your application.

Questions about paying your fees for your license?

For an application for an industrial hemp license, please visit: