NC State Extension

Pending Applications


You should submit your application at least 7 business days before the Commission meets for processing. If you turn-in your application only a few days before the Commission meeting, it will not be reviewed until the NEXT meeting.

THESE APPLICATIONS ARE NOT YET APPROVED.  Per state law, the Industrial Hemp Commission must vote to approve all applications for industrial hemp licenses. The next Commission meeting will be held on Thursday, September 20th at 10:00 a.m.

Applications Pending Review at the Sept. 20th Commission Meeting:

1.) Kimberly Nielsen Cummings
2.) Michael H Hutchison
3.) Mart Eugene Bumgarner
4.) Shannon Courtney Collins
5.) Shaun Darnell Jeffries
6.) Jason Loftin
7.) Hunter Manning Harrison
8.) Robert Hodges Peele
9.) Chad W Sutton
10.) Russell Stephen Jay
11.) Roderick Vernon Leary
12.) Bob Preston Patterson
13.) Melanie Louise Sebastian
14.) Rufus Darrell Huff
15.) Alan Benjamin Williams
16.) James Blake Moore
17.) Anthony Oquinn DeBerry
18.) Jason Todd Trivette
19.) William Andrew Powell
20.) David Erick Tyndall
21.) Stacey Lynn Brickell
22.) David Oldham
23.) Maurice Lorin Raynor Jr.
24.) Jeffrey Michael Bruce
25.) Ronnie Gene Kennedy Jr.
26.) Charles Taylor Caudle
27.) Kevin Fred Cagle
28.) Jamal Louis Haddad
29.) Alex Amoroso Jr.
30.) Kyle Robert Stenerson
31.) Patricia Ann Roberts
32.) Gary Eugene Hughes
33.) Roy Weaver Wood Jr.
34.) Roger Tyson Pixler
35.) Sabrina Joy Shaffer
36.) Mark Daniel Guess
37.) Billy Mills Hendley
38.) Keith Edward Gwyn
39.) Kevin Joseph Toomey
40.) Anderson Doyle Cromer
41.) Daniel Lawrence Bryant
42.) Marty Dean Muncus
43.) Tommy Jordan Grantham
44.) Paul Ransom Harris
45.) David Wayne Key
46.) Jimmy Ray Barnes
47.) Carl Augustus Briley Jr.
48.) Gary Milton Thomas Sr.
49.) Justin Bradley Gardner

If the Industrial Hemp Commission votes ‘yes’ to approve your application, you must pay all licensing fees before you will receive your license.


Applications APPROVED at the July 27th Commission Meeting:
1.) Skylar Wayne Ambrose Tankard
2.) Jason Raphael Alston
3.) Elizabeth Darsey Driver
4.) Arlesia Diane Royal
5.) Kermit David Myers
6.) Mark Grantier
7.) Jackson Hays Fields
8.) Albert Rosser Butler
9.) Penney Leigh Vasquez
10.) Jonathan Ralph Horner Grady
11.) Samuel Gatlin Jenkins III
12.) Mary Lillian Carter
13.) Kellie Ann Schmidt
14.) Theodore J Vanessendelft

If you were approved for a license, an invoice will be mailed to you. Expect to receive the invoice at the mailing address listed on your application within 10-12 business days. You must pay all fees and return the invoice to receive your license. Your license will also be mailed to you at the address listed on your application.

Questions about paying your fees for your license?

For an application for an industrial hemp license, please visit: