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Pending Applications


You should submit your application at least 7 business days before the Commission meets for processing. If you turn-in your application only a few days before the Commission meeting, it will not be reviewed until the NEXT meeting.

THESE APPLICATIONS ARE NOT YET APPROVED.  Per state law, the Industrial Hemp Commission must vote to approve all applications for industrial hemp licenses. The next Commission meeting will be held on ___________________.

Applications Pending Review at the__________ (next) Commission Meeting:




If the Industrial Hemp Commission votes ‘yes’ to approve your application, you must pay all licensing fees before you will receive your license.


Applications APPROVED at the Nov 8th Commission Meeting:
1.) William J Spainhour
2.) Sean Spiegelman
3.) Jason C Pope
4.) Steven Yuzzi
5.) Joshua C Creech
6.) Joseph J Harper
7.) David W Ramsey
8.) Pauline W Ledford
9.) Jesse J Ross
10.) Matthew R Green
11.) Audrey R Tyson
12.) Jetty V Dooley
13.) Clifford B Lilley Sr.
14.) Aaron J Arrowood
15.) Eric M Briley
16.) William C Schouten
17.) David E Rogister
18.) David B Rogister
19.) Shawn E Smith
20.) Robb C Thorstenson
21.) Carl M Cahoon Jr.
22.) Bruce E Farmer Jr.
23.) Benjamin L Lynch
24.) Jeffrey D Flynn
25.) Hieu T Nguyen
26.) Peter A Brezny
27.) Keenan Shephard
28.) Michael L Gaster
29.) Christopher M Gaster
30.) Frank E Taylor
31.) James A Rosser
32.) Keith M Caldwell
33.) Aaron M Sink
34.) Patricia V Roberts
35.) Wade H Howle
36.) Jennings K Smith
37.) William Fox

If you were approved for a license, an invoice will be mailed to you. Expect to receive the invoice at the mailing address listed on your application within 10-12 business days. You must pay all fees and return the invoice to receive your license. Your license will be mailed to you at the address listed on your application.

Questions about paying your fees for your license?

For an application for an industrial hemp license, please visit: