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Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program

North Carolina’s legislature set up an industrial hemp pilot program in 2016 and temporary rules to govern the program were adopted in 2017. Under the rules for the industrial hemp program, a farmer wishing to grow industrial hemp must apply to the Industrial Hemp Commission and receive a license. This rule is still in place after the 2018 Farm Bill passage until the USDA develops its hemp program and the state gets approval of their program compliant to the USDA program. As part of the application, the applicant must list the GPS coordinates of where his or her industrial hemp will be grown and must show some income from farming on their tax returns.
By law, industrial hemp must have less than 0.3% THC. THC is the chemical that produces the euphoric effect or “high” of other cannabis plants.

Here is the link to the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Industrial Hemp Pilot Program in NC.

Watch a video on North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp program:

Watch a News Story about the NC Hemp Program:

WECT-TV “Industrial hemp becoming more popular with NC farmers”

Questions about the industrial hemp program?


The State Statute for the Hemp Program:

Chapter 106 Article 50E

The Temporary Rules Passed by the Industrial Hemp Commission

02 NCAC 62 .0101-.0109

Looking for an Application for a License to Grow Hemp?

Application Link

Please read the Application FAQ page completely and thoroughly before applying.

NCDA&CS Application Questions page

Questions about the grower application or need to pay license fees?

The Industrial Hemp Commission requires that processors of industrial hemp in North Carolina shall register with the Commission. A processor is a person or business that accepts raw industrial hemp plants, pieces or parts for the purposes of making that hemp into a product. Laboratories accepting raw industrial hemp for analysis must also register.

Looking for the Link to Register as a Hemp Processor?

NCDA&CS Processor registration

Currently Registered Hemp Processors

List of processors


Map of Industrial Hemp by County in April 2018
Map of Industrial Hemp by County in 2017

About 100 farmers received licenses to grow industrial hemp in 2017.