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NC State Extension

Important Program Forms

Please see the following links below for important Industrial Hemp Pilot program forms.
Review this article for important reminders about the program.

1.) To request a THC Compliance Inspection, please click this link:

“b) License holders are responsible for notifying the Division at the time of initiation of floral buds.”

If you have more than one crop of hemp per season, you are required to notify the NCDA&CS for each crop, or each time your plants begin to produce floral buds. Use the link above each time you need to notify them.

2.) To make changes to your license, please use this form:
Industrial Hemp Grower Amendment form

“Agreement to notify the division and the commission if there are any changes or deviations from the intentions stated in the license…”

You must notify the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of ANY changes to your license. If anything you put on your original application for a license changes during your entire licensing period, you must notify them. Use the form above to notify them that you intend to grow a new variety/strain, in new GPS coordinates, etc.
Email the completed form to

3.) To import industrial hemp seed from another country, please use this form:
Seed Acquisition Request Form_2017

Please read these instructions on filling out the form correctly:
Industrial Hemp Seed Acquisition Instructions

If you plan to import industrial hemp seed from outside the United States, you MUST fill out this form and return to it to the NC Department of Agriculture. Without the proper paperwork, your seed will sit at the USA border and never be allowed to enter the country.
Importation from another country can take 2-3 months. Please begin working through the paperwork well in advance of when you will need your seed.
Email the completed form to:

*You do not need to use this form for seed/clones located INSIDE the United States. Please visit this page for more information.

4.)  To register as an industrial hemp processor, please follow the instructions in this form: 

Mail a signed copy of the Registration Letters to:
Industrial Hemp Program
1005 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

There is no Processor License in North Carolina. The Commission does maintain a registration list of first-stage processors to better understand where the licensed growers are selling their crop. There is no approval process and being added to the online Registration List is free.

5.) To apply for an industrial hemp grower’s license, please visit this link.
For questions related to filling out the application, please email:

6.) A Sample Farm Budget

7.) Online Industrial Hemp Sampling Request Form

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services has developed an online submission form so that growers can more easily request testing on their industrial hemp. We will be using this system to help better serve the industrial hemp community and to obtain all of the information that we need to sample in one easy form.

If you need to request testing please do so at the initiation of flowering as outlined in the rules governing the program and do so by going to the following website:

You can also get to this website by going to: and clicking on the link titled “NC Industrial Hemp Flowering Crop Sampling Request Form”

Sampling requests directed  to or by phone will be directed to fill out and request sampling online.

This page is posted for your information and research purposes. This page is not intended as legal or business advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified attorney for matters pertaining to industrial hemp law and regulation.